The Assignment Operating System for Universities offering Computer Science Courses

AssignmentOS automates the sending, grading, and retrieving of your assignments while allowing your students to improve their skills by taking homework using real-world tools & workflows.


"I’ve used AssignmentOS successfully in my teaching at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. The tool is robust, reliable, and remarkably user-friendly. It saves valuable time and provides immediate and accurate feedback to students, enhancing the overall learning experience."

Laith Raed

Founder of Coding Academy and Lecturer at LMU Munich and Hochschule Munich

Advantages of Using AssignmentOS for Universities

Learn how AssignmentOS helps you run your courses more efficiently while improving the learning experience of your students.

Increase Efficiency

Automated management and grading of assignments open your courses up to more students without dropping quality.

Easy Feedback Mechanism

Easy feedback workflow means you can quickly review student submissions and provide actionable feedback.

Raise technical skills standards of students

Students take assignments using industry standard technologies and workflows, making them well prepared for working in industry.

How AssignmentOS works?

1. Create Course
2. Create Assignment
3. Send Assignment to Students
4. Student takes assignment in private repo
5. AssignmentOS generates score & report
6. Feedback generated, optional reviewed/edited by TA
Create a Course for your upcoming module.

Bulk-send assignment to all your students in the course via AssignmentOS or your LMS.

Private GitHub/GitLab repo created for each student to take the assignment.

AssignmentOS runs an automated analysis of their submission, producing a score & detailed report for you and the student.

AssignmentOS uses AI to generate feedback & recommendations on the student’s submission, which can optionally be reviewed/edited by a TA.

Easily Track Your Assignments & Students

Use our tracking to easily keep up-to-date with how your students are performing in each assignment.

Receive actionable insights via our Analytics

Improve your courses by leveraging our real-time data charts & metrics, e.g. where do most students struggle in each assignment, average time to complete, etc.


Tailor AssignmentOS to your own branding with our multidimensional white-labelling.

Explore our product features in more detail.









LMS Integrations

Send assignments & review the results directly from inside your LMS.

Integrate Your Internal System

Have you created an internal system to manage assignments? If so, check out our API documentation to see how to use AssignmentOS directly from your current system.

Supported Languages & Frameworks

Create custom assignments in 30+ programming languages & frameworks.

Check out AssignmentOS!

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