Accelerate your students learning experience with native GitHub & GitLab workflows

Allow students to work on your assignments in the same way they would develop software in the real world, making them well prepared for working in industry.

Key Benefits of AssignmentOS’s
GitHub & GitLab workflows

See the benefits of using AssignmentOS’s GitHub/GitLab workflow.

Enhanced Learning

The vast majority of companies use GitHub or GitLab to manage their code, so familiarising your students with these tools early on will give them a huge advantage when they begin their professional careers.

Faster Reviews

GitHub & GitLab are designed to make it quick & easy to review code, allowing you to streamline the review of students submissions and provide feedback directly on various levels (line of code, block of code, commit, etc.).

Real-world assignments

Custom assignments in AssignmentOS are created & managed inside a GitHub/GitLab repository, allowing you to create assignments from beginner coding problems to more advanced multi-file projects.

How It Works?

1. Create assignment
2. Add your assignment details
3. Students starts assignment
4. Student works on assignment
5. Report generated
6. Provide feedback

Once you create an assignment, a new folder will be created in the private GitHub/GitLab template repository for the course in which you are adding this assignment. This folder will contain a standard project structure for your chosen language/framework - see the individual language/framework guides below for more details.

Add your assignment’s problem statement and any starter code to your assignment’s folder.

AssignmentOS creates a new private GitHub/GitLab repository for the student and copies in the content of your assignment folder into this new repository.

Student clones repo locally and can run the unit tests locally or on GitHub Actions/GitLab CI/CD every time they push a commit, providing them with instant feedback on their solution.
Once student completes assignment, AssignmentOS runs an automated analysis of their solution and generates a report explaining how they performed, displayed to both students & lecturers/TAs.
Easily review each students submission in their GitHub/GitLab repo and then optionally provide feedback by leaving comments directly in their repo on various levels (line of code, block of code, commit, etc.).


GitHub Workflow

Watch a demo of AssignmentOS’s GitHub workflow.


GitLab Workflow

Watch a demo of AssignmentOS’s GitLab workflow.

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