Save time & enhance student learning with AssignmentOS’s multi-dimensional feedback features

Leverage AI to provide your students with actionable feedback while solving assignments & after submitting solutions, with the option for Lecturers & TAs to personalise final feedback.

Key Benefits of AssignmentOS’s feedback features

See the benefits of using AssignmentOS’s feedback workflows.

Save time for Lecturers & TAs

Automated Grading & our AI model generate feedback automatically, combined with the option to further personalise this feedback, results in huge time savings for Lecturers & TAs.

Tight & frequent feedback loop

By reducing the latency between solving an assignment and receiving feedback, AssignmentOS’s continuous feedback creates an environment that allows students to speed up skill & knowledge acquisition while keeping motivated.

Actionable & comprehensible feedback

By providing various kinds of feedback, ranging from technical analysis results to actionable feedback in the form of code snippets & explanations, AssignmentOS transforms your assignments into rich learning resources for your students, allowing them to advance quickly on their learning journey.

Automated Formative Feedback

See below how AssignmentOS enables students to receive feedback while solving their assignments.

GitHub Actions & GitLab CI/CD

AssignmentOS allows lecturers to create custom assignments containing automated unit/integration tests in all the most popular testing frameworks, which can be run by the student locally and in GitHub Actions or GitLab CI/CD.

This provides students with a real-world workflow and instant feedback on how they are progressing through an assignment.

AI Pair Programmer

How people write code is evolving. Tools such as GitHub Copilot open up the option of reviewing and accepting AI-generated code suggestions & feedback instead of students writing every line themselves.

AssignmentOS is built as an open system, allowing students to choose their own IDE to leverage these latest advancements instead of constraining them to internally-built code editors with limited functionality.

Automated & Personal Summative Feedback

See how AssignmentOS automatically generates feedback on students’ submissions, optionally personalised by Lecturers & TAs.

Student Analysis Report

Our Automated Grading of each student’s submission produces a detailed report on their performance (which unit tests passed/failed, any issues found in their code, etc.).

Students not only see where they can improve but also learn to interpret important quality metrics & industry-standard analyses.

AI-generated Feedback

By combining the analysis results with our AI model, we generate easily comprehensible feedback for students.

This feedback indicates where and what type of mistakes students conducted in their code, how they can improve it and provides example solutions.

Our AI-generated feedback is especially accurate due to the rich context provided by AssignmentOS.

Personal Feedback of Lecturer/TA

AssignmentOS facilitates reviewing submissions by providing lecturers & TAs access to the student’s GitHub/GitLab repo & a dedicated Instructor Analysis Report, similar to the Student Analysis Report.

With our Feedback Workflow, they can then decide to further personalise the AI-generated feedback, with the option of leaving comments directly inside the student’s repo on various levels (line of code, block of code, commit, etc.).


Easily Provide Students with Actionable Feedback

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