Improve your courses by leveraging our real-time data charts & metrics

Enable your lecturers to provide the best learning experience by seeing where most students struggle in each assignment, average time to complete, etc.

Key Benefits of AssignmentOS’s

See the benefits of viewing visual metrics across all your courses & assignments.

Data-driven instruction

Improve students’ learning experience by providing your lectures with information on how their students performed in the last assignment, allowing them to revisit topics that students struggled most with.

Data-driven course reviews

Review & iterate your course material & structure based off the previous cohort’s performance in the assignments for that course.

Custom reports

AssignmentOS provides you access to the underlying data that powers all of our charts, allowing you to export all your data so you can create your own reports.

Analytics on both the Course and Assignment level

All of our charts are based on real-time data. See below for some of the charts we provide.

Student Journey Breakdown

Track the various events of your students journey through each assignment, allowing you to see how many students are actively participating in & completing each of your assignments.

Test Suite Score breakdown

This charts provides an overview of how students scored in each automated unit/integration test suite in your assignment, allowing you to quickly identity where students are struggling most.

Result Score Breakdown

See how your students are performing in each assignment across your course.


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